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I have written several bilingual books for Langenscheidt - a well known German publisher of dictionarys - and I still do. A few years ago Langenscheidt extended its portfolio to bilingual storybooks. The narrative part is written in German, dialogues are predominantly in English. Unknown vocabulary is explained. So especially children can improve their English having fun along the way.

Crimestorys for children (10 years and up): An exciting Cruise - eine abenteuerliche Kreuzfahrt

Alina and her brother Leon are going to cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, for their mother won the trip in a competition. On board, they get to know Lucy from Plymouth and her aunt Mary. After a while the kids notice, that something is wrong with a passenger on the ship. Strange things happen...

Pirates of Plymouth - Piraten von Plymouth

We again meet Alina and Leon. Lucy invited the siblings to Plymouth, where her aunt Mary lives in 'Greatwater Mansion'. On the cemetry of the Greatwater family the children make a strange detection. And an old man is talking about pirates. But the times of pirates are over - aren't they?

Lovestorys for girls (12 years and up):

San Francisco Love Affair - Verliebt in San Francisco

Ninas father is on a business trip to San Francisco. He took wife and daughter and her girlfriend Britt with him. Britt is very happy, because her favourite actor Nicholas Stevenson is living in San Francisco, and she hopes, she'd have the chance to meet him. Will her dream come true?

Heart of Glass - Herz aus Glas

Britts boyfriend is coming to Berlin, but is love still strong enough? Unfortunately a girl from the U.S. comes into her class for half a year. She's behaving like a Barbie doll and refuses to talk a single word in German. Above that shes showing off with talking about her cheerleading carreer.

In progress: (still I'm not allowed to mention the titles. The publisher will keep it secret for a while)

Lovestorys for girls (12 years and up):

N.N., 2009

Lovestorys for women:

N.N., 2009

Fantasy for children (10 years and up): N.N., 2009

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Published in October 2008: Grafik Grafik Two new bilingual books